Nutritional Therapy Coaching with Joy Scott, NTC

More about Joy:
Joy embarked on her own health journey over three years ago after spending most of her life dealing with problems she was told and believed were "normal".  After seeing the profound effects that nutrition has had in her own life, Joy became passionate about helping others.   She is an avid learner of mind and body to be able to bring more value to the lives of others and insight into the complicated world that is the human experience.  Her hope is to be able to share the truth with others and create a community of happier, stronger and healthier humans - because it IS possible. 

What is Nutritional Therapy?
Nutritional Therapy works with your bioindividuality; each client has their own history and story - we look at all aspects of your life to create a wellness plan unique to you! This plan will work with your body’s innate intelligence to heal and restore your health and vitality.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect change.  Perhaps you have tried every diet under the sun or are just plain confused by the information overload about how to be healthy.  You're in the right place.  Finding health is a journey, not a destination - let Joy be your guide.  

Prior to your very first coaching session, each client will provide a detailed health history questionnaire, 3-day food journal and nutritional assessment questionnaire.  For each followup appointment you will provide a new food journal and nutritional assessment questionnaire so we can track your progress, make adjustments to your program and answer any questions you have.  


Session Options:

Prospective Client Consultation: Free
Join Joy for a free 15-minute call to learn more about the Nutritional Therapy process, discuss your personal health concerns/goals and figure out if Nutritional Therapy is right for you. 

One-on-One Coaching:

Includes info forms about your health history and current diet habits, an extensive nutrition assessment to target exactly what signs and symptoms we can improve (we'll compare this at a future meeting!) and our one-on-one consult.  Our first consultation will generally be 60-90 minutes where we will discuss your health and work together to create a healing plan that will be manageable and achievable with your lifestyle. We can then decide on a schedule of re-evaluations and check-ins. We will work together at a pace that is comfortable for you!

$175 for your Individualized Coaching

Hair Mineral Analysis Testing:

Includes kit for sampling hair, lab test, results and customized plan based on your individual mineral needs and metabolism. Read more about HTMA here.  If you are already a client - you can add on this service for a reduced fee.

$200 for the Full Analysis.

All Future Sessions for Return Clients: 

  • $50 per 30 minute session
  •  $100 per 60 minute session

To get started, Please fill out this application and Joy will contact you for your free consultation call!