Reiki with Lianda:

Enjoy 90 minutes of relaxation, healing, balance, and empowerment as I invite pure life force energy into your body to dissolve stress and bring you into your heart. Reiki is a non-invasive relaxation technique that works to bring balance to the body and enhance its' natural ability to heal itself. You will be fully clothed, on a massage table, in a very beautiful, comfortable, candle lit environment. I will apply a hands-on or a "hovering of hands" technique throughout the session. The experience is guided by intuition, right down to the choice of music! Before and after the session I offer intuitive messages received during the session that are intended to open your heart, move you towards your dreams, and happiness.

Lianda also offers Access Bars Healing Sessions and Intuitive Life Coaching! Email for more information. 

 More about Lianda:

Lianda Swain is a vibrant being of light. She's an Intuitive healer who practices Reiki, Access Bars, Spiritual Guidance, Life Coaching, Mental Performance Training for athletes, and is an avid student of teachings devoted to love and freedom. She is an extensive traveler, volunteer, and inspirational speaker. Her intention is for all to awaken to their expansive inner power and divine beauty.