Seva Relay Returns April 30th, 1-6pm!

You.  Four Friends.  A One-Day Yoga Relay event benefitting charity.

This year's event benefits impoverished children in Nepal (pictured below courtesy of our friend and Prana Practitioner, Amy Scaglione) whose school and orphanage were devastated by the earthquake. Your support will lift kids into a new life trajectory where they can have a home, get an education, enjoy a more comfortable life and provide for their families into the future. Learn more of the cause at the bottom of the page. 

HERE'S HOW seva relay WORKS!:

Unite Your Team: Ask four friends to join you in this day filled with fun, health and yogic wellness. Register above and create your fundraising page. 

Choose Your Steward: Select an envelope with a Nepali child to inspire your team. Envelopes are on our Nepal Board at Prana, were you can post your team's name, members and goals. (If you can't make it in, we'll post it for you! Just let us know).

Practice Philanthropy: Spread the word and raise or donate a total of $500 per team ($100 per person) to unlock your entry to the event. Create an online fundraising page (or do some good old fashioned pavement pounding), share your effort and achieve your fundraising goal.We support you with tips and tools!

Enjoy a Day of Relay: Once you and your team have reached your goal, you unlock 5 tickets for the day (April 30th, 1-6pm) that you can use for classes, workshops (schedule below) and sessions (see right sidebar)! Take a class, learn about nutrition, get a massage, grab some raffle tickets - the choice is yours! See our schedule below:


Seva Relay Class Schedule!:

Screenshot 2016-03-01 21.05.06.png

Vinyasa Classes:

1pm - 2pm with Carey Paris
2pm - 3pm with Molly Petersen
3pm - 4pm with Aleta Rogers
4pm - 5pm with Deb Callahan
5pm - 6pm with Derek Hopkins

Classes are All-Levels Appropriate!

Participants who are new to yoga should feel confident that they can attend and enjoy a meaningful practice!

Seva Relay Workshops Schedule:

Screenshot 2016-04-26 16.48.08.png

Creative Workshops That Highlight the Expansive Knowledge of our Highly-Trained Prana Instructors:

1pm - 2pm: Kriyas and Traditional Yogic Cleansing Practices with Elizabeth Sitzler
2pm - 3pm: A Journey Through India's Culture and People with Vivi Mazzone
3pm - 4pm: The Healing Power of Plants: Aromatherapy, Herbs & Naturopathy with Nadia Hopkins
4pm - 5pm: Emotional Health and Wellbeing through Mindfulness Practices with Monika Brass
5pm - 6pm: Nutrition to Enrich Your Yogic Body with Joy Scott

Plus! Enjoy these Special Offerings throughout the Day!:

Screenshot 2016-03-31 22.26.41.png

Silent auction and 50/50 raffle opportunities!

Bid on our silent auction or cash your Seva Relay tickets in for 20 50/50 raffle tickets. Preview the silent auction items in the studio pre-event. 

Screenshot 2017-03-21 18.30.48.png

massage by donation with ellis kantrowitz

Massage therapist Ellis Kantrowitz will offer 20-minute massage sessions meant to soothe and release muscles for a soothing experience. 1 Ticket or $40/session.

Screenshot 2016-10-27 15.35.26.png

Astrological reading sessions with suzanne murray

Have your birth chart explored by Astrologist Suzanne Murray. 1 Ticket or $40/session.


We Practice, They Prosper:

Here's why we're doing this.

These are the kids Amy met during her service trip to Nepal. Learn more by watching the video (right)!

Here's an excerpt from Amy on why she's so passionate about helping Nepal:

"Why are we drawn to a place and it's people? Why do we feel compelled to give and care for those we have never met?

Some of those answers unfolded for me in the most unlikely places and at the most unlikely moments in Nepal. Other revelations have come to me at random times in my day since returning...

I am a mother of three and work full time. I am not wealthy.  I have no special training, aside from volunteer work I have done throughout my life here in the US. I had never been to Nepal nor knew a soul prior to departing in January.

But for a couple of years I felt a pull to what's known as, "The Roof of the World."  I only knew one thing , I wanted to be immersed in the culture and hands on with children in need. When the earthquake hit Nepal last year and more than 8,000 people were killed, I got up and began my flight research..."