Our Teachers

Prana House Yoga is proud to enlist a staff of practiced and accomplished teachers with a variety of backgrounds and diverse training focus. We consider ourselves carriers of a long and honored tradition of yoga passed on over thousands of years by many elevated teachers. With that mindset, we strive to provide the highest standards of teaching, to continue life-long training that may be shared with our students and to make yoga accessible for each and every person who comes to practice. We encourage you to consider this practice a lifelong journey and to take each day as an opportunity for continued education.

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Meet Our Teachers in Video!:

Meet Monika Brass and learn about her extensive knowledge of meditation.

Meet Prana House Yoga teacher Jason Coffman as he instructs Nadia in how to approach headstanding for beginners. He explains proper alignment for inversions, creating a solid foundation and how to get vertical. 

Nadia and Lauren give a tutorial on Trikonasana (Triangle Pose). 

Nadia and Derek talk options for evening workouts in a special video for Philly.com. Derek demonstrates two backbends that lie on opposite ends of the intensity spectrum.

Prana House Yoga teacher Monika Brass shares her insight on the Yin Practice, how it complements a rigorous workout regimen and can restore the body to a healthier condition.

Derek Hopkins practices a freestyle ashtanga yoga flow. These quarterly practice videos highlight Derek's progress made possible by his daily practice - a resolution he made in January, 2015.